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1- The Rescue (feat. Holland Greco)

2- Puppet (feat. Matthew Clanton)

3- Now & Right Now (feat. Gloria Tells)

4- Life Changing Romance (feat. Nate Williams)

5- Can We Do It Again ? (feat. Kiki Kyte)

6- Above The Clouds

7- Get Down (feat. Omar)

8- More Than Your Love (feat. Gloria Tells)

9- Funk N’ Relax (feat. Adam Chini)

10- Right Time (feat. Heather Haywood)

11- Smokin’ Train (feat. Howard Johnson)

12- Sky Odyssey


- Produced by Master ‘T’

- Music composed by Pierre Bonnet and Antoine Perez

- All instruments by Pierre Bonnet and Antoine Perez

-Lyrics written by all the featured singers


- Horn’s arrangement by Horn House (Tom Walsh & Nichol Thomson)

- Saxophone Solo on “Funk N’ Relax” by -Keyboard arrangement & synth solo on “Sky Odyssey”, synth solo on “The Rescue” by Jemma Heigis

-Mixed and mastered by Kevin Espich

Sky Odyssey - CD

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