We are proud to introduce our new album. 

One year of work with many different artists to deliver this third piece of music. 

Beyond is a blend of, Funk, Soul and dance music.

1 - All Your Love 

Featuring :  Ryan Konline   on Vocals  - Maya Killtron   on strings – Tom Walsh   on horns.

All Your Love is an old school Disco Funk tune.

It is going to bring you back to the eighties . Back to the dance floor !

Ready to Groove ? For the one’s who want to extend the pleasure , the 12 inch version is for you.


- Dreaming About Me 

Featuring :  Ella Eliza  on Vocals  

Our second collaboration with Ella on this Pop Dance song.

2 versions of the song in this album to be sure that Dreaming About Me will stay in your mind !.

- Find Me (On The Dancefloor) 

Featuring :  Matthew Clanton  on Vocals – Tom Walsh   on horns.

Find Me is going to make you move right away ! Terrific song driven by a sharp horns arrangement and the powerful voice of Matthew. Included in the album the instrumental version. Great chance to find you on the dance floor !


- All To Myself 

Featuring :  Ryan Konline  on Vocals  

Our talkbox touch on this song driven by Ryan‘s groovy voice.

Don’t miss the Inharmony’s dance remix!

- Just The Way It Goes

Featuring :  Jason Gaffner  on Vocals –  Lucia Sarmiento on sax solo – Jemma  Heigis on Synth lead solo

Jason’s soulfull voice is leading this contagious groove. Featuring Minneapolis based guest, Lucia and Jemma.

Included the 12 inch version. Three more minutes of groove.


- 2 Step 

Featuring :  Ryan Konline   &   Derick Knox  on Vocals - Tom Walsh   on horns.   


2 Step is combining perfectly rap and funk music.

Ryan’s & Derick ‘s voices are delivering  a unique song.

Included an exclusive remix from Save The Princess! 

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