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A-P Connection is an autoproduced French Funk music duo founded in 2012 in Reims. 

Growing up, Antoine Perez and

Pierre Bonnet were mostly influenced by the funk and disco music of the 70's and 80's. It was obvious that playing music would become part of their lives.

At the early beginning they played only guitar and bass, yet this quickly evolved into a wider variety of instruments allowing them to create their own compositions. 

Our Story

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In early 2014 the first album Stellar Groove was launched, using mainly talk box vocals. 

Soon collaboration with different singers was started up, which resulted into a couple of new songs being issued on the main digital platforms.  This experience inspired them to work on their first big project: bringing out an LP featuring a variety of talented artists both for vocals as well as additional instrumental sections such as strings, horns. 

Their unique blended sound was born. 

In 2019 the second album " Dawn Of The Future " was a fact. Soon followed by their third album " Beyond " in 2020. 
The fourth album announces even more elaborated compositions, compiled on a double album this time, called " Wide Vision". Release is scheduled for June 2021. 

A-P Connection has more projects in mind, driven by the empowering reactions of their fans and listeners across the globe. More to come for sure... 

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